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The Self Elevation Show

Dedicated to cultivating a more mindful society, we present the Self Elevation Show each week, with a different mindfulness teacher. Offering a guided meditation and an interactive interview, we help you stay connected to the present moment, resolve and heal from limiting patterns, and align with your true self. Our aim is to grow a more loving, peaceful and harmonious society, one conversation at a time.

In Partnership with Mindfulness Works Australia, we support people on the journey towards a more mindful life.

How Does it Work?

The Self Elevation Show is a meditation and talk show, where listeners, initially students of the Mindfulness Works ‘Intro to Mindfulness’ courses in Australia and New Zealand will be invited to call in live to interact with the presenters.

This shows are available to everyone for free, and are supported by sales of courses from the presenters at the end of each episode. The REPLAYS are always available for listening later.

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